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Re: intimidation

this is a great topic! even if it is old I would like to put mah two cents in please. =)

when i was a little kid i was a mean kid so i kind of think of intimidation differently.
when someone is trying to intimidate you, they are probably also trying to work themselves up.
the thing that has worked for me through many situations is to just be in control of whats going on..
if some one says something negative to you..

honestly question it, like a child would. try to ask them if ther is a problem and express your apology for whatever you have done ( even if you were minding your own.) remember, saying or doing ANYTHING out of ego is just proof that you want a fight.

its very hard to get over some of the feelings that come from being intimidated, or worse, bullied, but you must tell yourself the truth, which is that you are both humans and if there is a problem then it behooves you to dissolve it.

if this person is only trying to mess with your head then you should be able to pick up on that in a conversation.

if this person is truly looking for a fight and you can avoid it.. then avoid it..

if at anytime something escalates to a physical confrontation then remember to keep yourself in check,.. until he/she tries to harm you, in which case,
keep your head up, your chin down, and have no doubts that you will laugh at the end of the day XD
let me use some smileys to illustrate how i feel about violence.

if you think you are gonna get picked on, you will likely feel , or , or even .... but don't worry, because take it from someone who has had their fare share of pain from other people. you will never actually feel like . that person or persons is/are only human.

but if you let them control your mindset with negativity, then later you will be. then.. then and then

sorry for the ramble.. i guess what i mean from all this is STAY
i hope this made at least a tiny bit of sense.
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