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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Well, last month I was doing my 3rd Kyu examination. I was paired with a policeman. Usually we try to look at our best during grading exams and we do not resist techniques. We started with Hanmi Handachi Shiho Nage and I had to start first. I could not move him, and was obviously taken by surprise because I was not expecting any resistance. After 2-3 failed attempts, I felt very embarrassed in front of 70 students and twice as many spectators. So I did the technique with all my power and it must have been quite painful for him. He resisted the next one even more, and I used even more power. It continued this way untill the last technique (Suwari Kokyu Ho)when he lost his nerves and started a Judo wrestling match with me. The result: we both failed the exam for bad manners.
Wow, I dont know how I would have handled that! I know how dreadful my nerves get during exam time and I know how much of a relif it is for me to pass so Bummer man! and that cop needs to learn some manners not you! well train harder and you'll pass your next examination!

BTW I think the Sensei could have passed you for trying and not the cop for bad manners.

Ahh as for the original topic, peters right! and Uke must allow Nage to learn but nage must also allow uke to learn!

Dallas Adolphsen
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