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Re: during your test you.....

You don't give up, you continue the technique even though it'll look ugly like hell. Most shihans will be displeased if you stop and start because you 'jammed' up.

Good thing is, there are a few ways of doing a particular technique, especially if you've screwed up the initial execution. That is, if uke is still willing to play. If he's gone ahead and attacked you well then, do whatever that comes naturally.

Presumably you ended up with an ikkyo position from tsuki because you moved away from uke's hand (ie the opposite side as opposed to the same side). In that position, you lower uke's hand down from ikkyo position to iriminage position shift your other hand over uke's hand and lower uke's center, then move over so now you are back on the 'correct side' for kotegaishi. Transitioning from ikkyo to kotegaishi is not complex, maintaining control over uke's center needs practice though if you don't want to get punched in the face.

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