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Re: What is "IT"?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
We'll have to talk shoot me a P.M.
I am only interested in a very small group and it's going to be all work, not a dog and pony show. I hate being "that" guy, it's why I eloped. I have my own list of people to talk to first.
I will organize through David.
Dan, it will be my pleasure to pull this together but I did suggest to my small circle (who are all more advanced than I) that they let you know of their interest in joining for that meet-up. Jang, in particular knows Atlanta inside-out and also has a knack for getting good training locations. He's a hard-working man who has a lot of experience with both Mike and Ark and has organized a lot of group trainings over there. You're going to like him.



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