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I would suggest that what many people in Aikido(tm) think when they hear "resistance" is "grab 'em really hard and don't let 'em move."
I would suggest that with some training that would no longer be possible. I've not met the Aikido or DR teacher capable of preventing me or some of the guys I have trained from moving. Nor have I seen anything on film to lead me to believe any teacher capable of that feat exists in the Aiki arts. More important though is the reasons why. It isn't about individuals, it's about the development of these skills, about exhaustive research and developing the body to the point that your aiki cannot be stopped, except by profoundly well skilled men.
Where is that type of training to be found?
Where are there people who have a vested interest in making you extremely powerful. And also have an actual methodology and interest in making that happen with a track record to prove it, in relatively short time frames compared to the twenty-year method?


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