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I've had a very similar problem in the dojo in the past with other newer aikidoka who wanted to tighten up their fist as a natural reaction to the technique. If the person can draw their arm in and still has control of the arm, you simply should not try to use sankyo because you are fighting muscle iwth muscle and you could lose, depending on your strength and theirs. if you have control of the arm. it's away from their body and you have their leverage, only their fist is clinched. well, you shouldn't really have to do anything out of the ordinary. You just don't have a set of fingers down there to grasp. your upper hand grasps the top of their hand and your lower hand just gets what it can of the hand. The most important thing is having control of the arm, not the fist. From the situation you are describing, you've already got the assailants arm behind them and are just trying to get better control of them? correct? This really isn't a good situation where you can apply a traditional sankyo, as you don't have any leverage, you are just muscling them. You could try just pulling their arm straight out away from their back as you torque the wrist in and start to stand them more upright by it.
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