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Re: Aikido Warm Up Exercises

Some of the things on that vid are similar to what we do but not much. Warm ups reallyget the blood moving and things stretched out a bit. Where I train a lot depends on who is teaching. If its Tara we generally have a more rigorous warm up with things like tenkan undo and tenkan in 4 directions I generally use up a lot of energy just warming up with her, with Garth its more deep slow stretching which seems to really work best for my body.

Generally I am pretty early for class and I'll go ahead and start some stretches that I know will be specific to my needs. Its really not so much what specific things you do for the most part as long as the individual takes time to do the things specific to their needs ahead of time.

The one thing that is always done, no matter who teaches, is the wrist exercises. But I noticed on the vid that that sensei does even those slightly different than we do. Not that one or the other is wrong, Just different.

Warm ups with Ikeda Sensei were pretty simple basic things like deep stretches of the knees and shoulders.

In all of the cases I've experienced so far warm ups last 5-10 minutes maybe.
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