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I hear this argument all the time and find myself wondering... if a person will "never" attain these skills without crossing hands with someone who already has "the stuff," where did "the stuff" come from in the first place? Chicken? Egg? Tengu?
No one knows for sure. I think it was an evolution and growth that occurred with those doing the work looking for those who were also doing the work and testing each other-thus neccessity being the other of invention the smart ones kept re-tooling as it were and refined their skiil sets.

As far as "resisting" goes, Am I correct to assume that you mean "not letting you move as you wish?"
I mean fighting. I mean broken bones, black eyes, knockouts and bruises; kicks and punches and set ups for throws with same. Is there another type of resistance I am unaware of?
After that push hands, dojo testing and traditional arts aint much to handle.
Of course that isn't how you learn. You learn solo, then with resistance; very gently-VERY gently with thousands of repetitions, then a slow build up of resistance from someone who has experience and can show success in teaching people. No one -has-to fight, Please understand I am not saying that in the least.However, it should be pointed out that the old guys who developed "IT" were always testing it on others weren't they?

What does it say about those who do "IT" today and are not doing so? I don't begrudge them their own interest, I just get, sick and tired of people down-playing the skill set of fighting with IP/ aiki or trying to reduce it as a side-line issue of lesser worth because they cannot or are uninterested in going there. While it is admittedly a side-line issue it none-the-less is a highly refined skill set. To use IP/ aiki under the stress of MMA is extremely difficult to do and took thousands of hours of failures and experimentation to have developed it. Moreover, it is so rare these days that the men doing that work outside of traditional arts- are few and far between.

I have continuously pointed out-Takeda was an MMA guy, and so was Sagawa, and Ueshiba. Who are we? People content to pick up the scraps from the table and never truly daring to come into our own.

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