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Bruce Baker
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Obsessing verses practice

I must say that the least important part of learning the ropes is looking good, or even being proficient, such as the new green guy in class.

Step back and observe how the each student, as well as the teacher becomes absorbed into correcting and perfecting their own sloppyness by the smile or less emotional scowl on their faces, happy faces mean that they are going in the right direction for what they expect practice to be. You would be surprised how many practitioners are self criticizing of their own practice, even teachers with many years of practice.

No. It is not good to dwell upon how inept you are compared to others, just do the best you can. Your practice will improve ... with practice. You can't improve if you don't practice, and obsessing won't help your practice.

Realize all people who come to practice are there to improve.

That would be you, also.
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