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I can't remember to which other country artist he was referring. But I remember when Garth Brooks said, "Whatever "it" is, he has "it." I think Brooks definitely has "it" too. His quote made me think for a little while. I think Aikido is an excellent way to find "it," but as Saotome writes in "Aikido and the Harmony of Nature," "[There are many paths to the top of Fujiyama (Fuji-san), but there is one summit - love]." Shihan's metaphor here has meant a great deal to me for a long time. Therefore I think Aikido training is one of the best routes, but there are people who have never heard of Mt. Fuji or Aikido, who still manage to find "it" in one way or another. Whatever the source of their positive spiritual outlook, a person filled with love and feelings of respect toward his/herself and others can find "it." I know from my experience that it is a narrow road, with people and even natural disasters who/which don't care if they bring you down on either side. I do know this much: anyone who strives to stay on not just the path of good, but the path of feeling good that coincides, can find it if they keep themselves in check when off it, or never leave it in the first place. It takes courage: big time courage, but the fruits of such a labor are as sweet and satisfying as they come.


I think perhaps you're confusing your own definition of "it" with the current thread topic of "IT", aka Internal Training. I've yet to find the latter "IT" in any aikido school. This kind of "IT", or Internal Training just isn't there. If you don't believe that, or can't understand that, I would suggest getting your hands on someone who has "aiki", the body skill.
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