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Re: Question about Aikikai kata and Yoshinkan bukiwaza

Students of Yoshinkan
-How much do you train in bukiwaza? The Yoshinkan side of my group trains heavily in weapons. In fact (not counting iaido) we have a separate class called Aikibuki which modifies bukiwaza to Yoshinkan stances and basic training principles (shu chu ryoku, shi sei o tada shitei, kamae/hitomei stances, etc). Just wondering if this is practiced with other Yoshinkan groups?
Most of the students of Kushida Sensei (now independant of the Yoshinkan) had a lot of exposure to his weapons forms, and continue to stress buki waza in their respective curriculums. Utada Sensei does, and the buki waza in the the form of solo kata and paired kumitachi starts in the kyu ranks, and continues from there. It is integrated into the majority of the aikido classes, and supplimented by specifc seminars throughout the year.


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