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Re: Aiki Physical Model -- Structure & Dynamic

You owe me a dinner plate Erick...

"You had me till the last -- I truly think that unless our body acts without thinking we are not yet doing proper aikido -- certainly not takemusu."

I agree... not takemusu aiki... I know I get the 'Don't think, do' a lot. Must be all that Star Wars reruns I keep watching messing with me. But at beginner-intermediate, I still have to run my intent through my head. I don't particularly concentrate on body part now though... I just feel whole body movement in relation to uke instead. I'll definitely post something here when I achieve takemusu aiki for real... when that century comes.

Googling shear stress and looking at the images, I'm confronted by a page that has equations in it that reminded me why I have up physics before college. Funnily enough, it also had an image of our arteries because of the curvature that results in shear stress in our blood flow. Anyway, it was fun trying to kick start my brain again, maybe that's why most teachers just fall back to Feel don't Think mode. :P

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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