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Tim Haffner
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I'd appreciate your advice from a Law Enforcement perspective. Most LE officers find the Sankyo-Kote Hineri technique useful for applying handcuffs to a standing subject. Even if they have to use brute force, it is effective in applying mechanical leverage and pain compliance to a resisting subject, and get the hands to the small of the back.
My question is in the application to a resisting and tensed subject the has closed his hands into tight fists. I know that most aikidoka would advise to flow into another technique and attempt kuzushi, and take the balance. I agree!
However, experienced Corrections Officers,and LEO's will relate to how a subject can barricade himself against a wall, vehicle, the ground, etc., and clench his fists up to his chest.
So again, I look for suggestions for applying Sankyo to the closed fist of a resistant subject.
Thanks in advance!

Tim Haffner
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