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Re: Iron Shirt

Hello from Boston,

Thanks for the referral.

Iron Shirt or Iron Vest trains the fascia of the body in order to thicken it and strengthen it.

Combined with learning to become sung and filling with energy and breath you can create a drum like effect that causes people to be rebounded off you.

It is not magic, its internal conditioning that helps deal with external forces.

Baguazhang trains this along with Xingyiquan with all the twisting and turning actions you see.

I have an open door and welcome anyone to come test me out. I learned from Gene Chicoine as well as others before I met my current teacher Dr. John Painter.

Seems we have people here who like so many others these days, would rather snipe at people from across the keyboard rather than step up like men and say these things face to face.

Sad to see such cowardice accepted as the true actions of men.

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