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Re: What is "IT"?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Nor was Ueshiba speaking definitively. He only knew what he knew. I never once considered him an expert either. I mean being polite and all -Ueshiba's demonstrations aren't even close to a complete compliment of skills; I have seen him sway, be single side weighted, hip driven, among other things. He had a lot of power no question, but there's much more to the complete skills than that.

Anyway, I have always found it amusing to see Ueshiba held up as the pinnacle.
I dunno... I'm not partisan for anyone, but I don't see any need for the constant trivializing of Ueshiba and his skills. Surely the topic of IS can be discussed without the constant "Ueshiba" implications or the "I" or "some people" stuff?


Mike Sigman
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