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Re: My take on a Mike Sigman seminar...

Lee Price wrote: View Post
With all due respect Mike this is of no use to places you in a position where you appear to know something that people are interested in... but you only hint at no further information to support this statement. If you can clarify the differences I`m sure we would be very happy to read it.
Well, my point was to mention that there are differences in training methods, results, and goals in I.S., so that it's clear that there is not just *one* thing being lumped under the term of I.S. I didn't want to digress too much.

If your question was more along the lines of "can you give some examples?", there are tons of examples that have to do with using the hara (most people engaged in the current discussions on this forum really don't use the hara, in the full sense),using the ki versus using kokyu power, and so on. I.e., it would help people to know that "I.S." contains a lot of subsets so that they don't go to a workshop by Joe Schmoe and think "ah.... so that's I.S. and that's the end of that subject". Traditionally, the comment is "these topics are very deep". Knowing that might help the perspective of the discussions.

BTW, I'm out of town and using a very small netbook, so my discussion ability is limited.


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