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Mike Sigman
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Re: My take on a Mike Sigman seminar...

Finally got a moment to look through a few threads. One thing I'd say (again) that is pretty important... there's more to sorting out what is the trunk and what are the branches of these skills than people are differentiating in current conversations. It's an important point that will make a big difference later. If we think back to a few years ago, many people were saying there is no such animal as the I.S. skills... that was wrong. People are now lumping I.S. skills together as one animal and that's wrong, too. I could define the differences reasonably clearly, but I'm interested in watching the current developments (with bemusement)... but it's worthwhile mentioning (for the record) that there are some very important differences and not this one-lump idea of "I.S. skillz".


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