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Re: Aiki Physical Model -- Structure & Dynamic

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
The torsion tube can apply to the torso but also to the limbs and to the limbs and torso considered in a continuum.
I have to say the above descriptions do seem to match up pretty well, especially the torsion tube, which is consistent with Dan's description of fascial bands spiralling up the body.

I myself have lately been thinking of the dynamic as being like a basket of woven bamboo (more or less a torsion tube) with lots of flex, but also a lot of self-interference which acts to support the structure. Any stress you place on the bamboo basket distorts the basket only so far. Of course, the basket has no ability to "spring back" into the input force, but it's only a model.

Overall, I would say that the torsion tube model is consistent but I think you go a little too far with concerns for resonance and (elsehwere) gyroscopics.

If I read this right, it sounds like you just need to get some hands-on with recognized experts (Dan) in this field and see how well your theory can really be expressed in the body.


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