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Re: What is "IT"?

Erick -
You seem to keep asking for feedback... here goes.
it is my best:

Do i understand right that this is your best kick at the can at explaining it?

Do you think it more appropriate that you start a new thread to discuss it? Or continue in that one? Maybe things would be different now-a-days... (discussion wise)..things seem more open. I think that what Robert R and David O said are because you insist on talking about *your* understanding in all the threads. Is that for you, or for all of us? if it's the latter, erick mead; your love is like bad medicine.

Regarding tone;
Drop the given assumption that you are correct. It is very off putting. (Maybe i'm doing that very thing here in this post. I do not mean it that way...just trying to give you honest feedback) You should have, in the back of your mind, the tiniest possibility that ‘you may be wrong'. There is a way, a tone, and a set of assumptions going into presenting an alternate theory (especially to a panel of ‘peers')… To ignore established standards may become profitable; but there is a way to go about things properly. It can get flat out rude otherwise in a discussion. A diatribe is something else (i know it! i know it!). Usually your stuff comes in the middle of another conversation.

Your explanations have changed (/evolved?) over time. What else would you change in, or add to, that model?
What i took:
-i assume fascial matrix is the 'torsion-tube' itself.
-Your lissajous (i.e. flowing continuous lines) imply connection and a closed circuit in the body.
-Joining at cusps smoothly is an important phenomena related to preserving and reversing momentum.
-Double/multiple pendulum (bone/joints) is obviously related in the body; and to bodies interacting. The richness and complexity that comes out from that model (i.e. momentum ratios, phase angle,etc) is obviously relevant to motion and slinging weights around.
-Yin Yang is analogized/literally equated to compression and tension lines.
-The lines must implicitly point to the tendon-muscle channels in the body.
-When you talk about shear i think you are talking about the way nage connects in his own body to uke and also how uke himself is loaded by nage.
I think that is what you are saying; my apologies if i misread you. What do i miss? Please use simple words (and pls. don't answer here!). With respect; i do not know just how much is new here...some of these things are fundamental and universal. Of course ..some may be wrong..specifically in my translation of your 'work'. this is IMO and betrays my level of (mis)understanding everywhere. Obviously you have described some very overt geometric simplifications. I think the richness of these ideas and skill with them (again; i do not think they are new) spring forth from the truly unique geometric considerations of the human body. Taking the actual deep body knowledge into account and practice. Not vague TTT (Torsion Tube Theory) land Also; notwithstanding the truly non-linear issues of and related to human-tissue, muscle and skill with those things themselves..the model neglects those. completely. i suspect those to be of high importance...and not so nearly easily made 'analogous' to a simplified model... The richness is obscured by the complexity. (actual body geometry and characteristics of muscle/tendon and what body skill adds to the equation)

Things i would look for in your future explanations:
-attempt to communicate. aim 1st year physics TA
-preditctive value
-judgement of where and when to interject TTT -related comments
-what is ki?
-why dantien?
-why intent? Why is this given a central role.
-what is the nature of the changed body; and what are the body requirements to 'do' or transform forces in your torsion tube model? How come you don't talk specifics? Actually i don't think you talk about changing the body at all.
-what of training?
-what exercises or practices will help do aiki?
-should we look to you as an authority on this? Are you a teacher? Or are you just trying to figure it out? should I try to 'suck your model dry' for relevant nuggets? Who showed you this? I know you are bright and observant..but do you know that you've felt it for sure? Who?
-why is meditation important? (just to get out of your own way?)
-why is this work intrinsically dangerous
-how is this so easily overlooked? How can it be hidden in plain sight...isn't your stuff kinematics applied to a body under load?
-how is your work advance the state of the art understanding?
-why is visualization important?
-divestiture of yourself from 'your' model. your model was clearly compiled and forged from things you learned online from others. be honest about it. there is no shame. we see further because we stand on the shoulders of giants who came before us. and shared with us. "Your Model" is not your own anyway so why beat us up with your posts? that is how it feels.
-is the model descriptive/phenomenlogical only? Does it make predictions? Will it help someone to attain IT or IS if they do not have it? Does it imply a method to train? Do you have aiki now? All these questions fall out naturally; im' not trying to be a bully.
-is the model merely descriptive/analog or does it contain how-to? surely there are some parallels between 'your' and 'traditional'...but what is the model's chief value? is your theory falsifiable? that is a chief desirable property that many theories, for instance, string theory and evolution. Maybe meeting someone with the skills would do the trick? Didn't Dan cordially invite you? I'm almost sure it's not a trap ...

anyway; I know you didn't ask me; but maybe this is of some use to you.

Oh yeah; last but not least:
You have a current open personal invitation from someone purported to have *high levels of skill*. My friend, this is exceedingly rare....why are you ignoring it (again?)? It seems they are willing to *give it to you*. ..are you so proud/invested/stubborn that you will only accept or rather take it on your own terms? ..In other's discussions in your terms, nomenclature and models on everyone else's time?

Let this have an end. It had a beginning and a middle. All things must have an end? Can this too? Mercy me!


i agree Mark; the web is a waste of time. and i've only myself to blame gah! poetic justice i think.

sorry for the OT post.

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