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Re: What is "IT"?

Hi Bud
I agree with the comfort zone idea but that applies to anything doesn't it; BJJ against a stand up fighter, judo against aikido, anything out of "your" world shaking up your world.
What is truly so profound about IT is being able to go to all the traditional arts and have them comment on the immediate utility and across the board applicability, and then walk into MMA and hear the same things; How are you so strong? Why can't I throw you? Why are my efforts in throwing you throwing me? How can you hit with such power?
IME, that makes IT, truly ...the "it" we were all looking for, the magic that made the exceptional men, the legends-who they were. Sadly, I think we have too many "experts" who hold the keys to things not really worthy of a twenty year effort, who never really got "it" themselves.

We have all heard stories of IP/Aiki being the real difference in your older years. Most readers assign that to any number of particular "beliefs"; either the students are being polite, or it's just an excuse for the aging warrior syndrome, or it's just an older guy reaching the point where he fine-tuned his game. I think few truly realize just how real "IT" can be and actually is.

For those training internal power/ aiki I hope they don't fall into the same trap- only seeing it in defined arts, or ways of executing singular arts waza and methods. Nothing can be further from the truth. I would hate to see It fall into that same limited view.
We were handicaped by teachers who had that same view, and indoctrinated students into that ignorance, I hope to show people a better way to "see" it. Allowing adepts to preserve a tradition (which is of course fine) but them to see that the aiki, the magic in the arts is far past a single art and arrive at a mastery that is deep within them. Shu Ha Ri in a very real concept.

IP/.Aiki is universal, and immediate and the only way to prove that to yourself and make a measure of your efforts is outside your own door. Go to other dojo's, ICMA schools and MMA schools and play. We have all had enough of fantasy and daydreaming of the masters who brought us these arts, quite another to dare to believe it was real, and more importantly CAN be real today. IOW, it's one thing to sit in a comfy chair and read stories of Takeda and Ueshiba in their old age tuning and handling much younger and tougher men. It's quite another to be living it.


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