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I think my major concern was the elementary things that I will learn as time goes on but the general uneasiness that's associated with anything new. The main elementary thing was stretching with a partner.

My partner asked me "first time"? And I said "yes". He tried to help but also I could tell I was taking away from his dojo time by being green. I wished that stretching was covered in the Beginner's class. I was more embarrassed about that than leaping over Sensei into a forward roll. I fell so badly but I could understand that.

I am interested in the idea of the dojo without the Beginner's Class. Musta been very "sink or swim". I am very grateful for at least the half hour Beginner's Class in light of that!

Ideally, is it more appropriate to partner with a fellow beginner at a Basics Class or should we ask the Sempei for training?

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