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Re: What is "IT"?

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Wow, this is still going on?

Just to throw this out there:

Here's what I said in 11/2005 (link to e-budo post) wrt some of the videos and hype floating around the forums:

Sound familiar?

Here's what I wrote in 11/2006 after getting back from Japan and meeting *and feeling* Ark and Rob (link to post)

The important thing was that I went and checked it out and then changed how I was training.

It's actually kind of an interesting thread, partly because there are lots of the usual suspects (Rob, Dan, Mike, Ron, Doug, David O...) but also because it was four years ago and it's basically the same discussion that's been going on ever since.

David, I am curious if feeling Ark and working the Aunkai stuff shed some light on some of our past discussions where it really felt we were talking past each other?
Hi Chris,

Yeah, I remember reading online and thinking that this stuff, "IT", was close to what I was doing or had done. But, as someone else has said, "I didn't know that I didn't know". "IT" wasn't even close to what I was doing or had done. And the IT I'm doing now isn't even close to what I had used for training methodology before.

I think the measure of someone training in the martial arts isn't taken when he (or she) is on the top tier, or snug within an organization, but when he encounters something outside the comfort zone - something that disrupts that comfort zone.

Anyway, as we both found out, getting hands on experience made all the difference. Online was nothing.
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