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Re: Question about Aikikai kata and Yoshinkan bukiwaza

Hey Michael,

It certainly does sound like we train in a very similar manner. I think out weapons' techniques are spread out a little differently, rank wise, but the training idea is certainly the same...particularly at seminars. I think I learned Kumi Jo (a sandan req for us) before I learned Kumi Tachi (somewhere around brown belt level). I couldn't tell you about suburi reqs...or the current it has changed in our organization over the years.

I am not affiliated with the AWA, or Moore Sensei's Shinjinkai for that matter, although I've visited dojo in both org. Our group split away from the AAA before Toyoda Sensei's death (I think). My best to all at the AAA and the Tenshinkan Dojo.

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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