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Re: What is "IT"?

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You are talking like Dan, now. I understand that's true, but I'm still at such a basic level of working with the developmental exercises that I haven't progressed to the level of moving the partner's mind. I can do it to some degree under the "old" paradigm, but not yet within the IS skills. But that's what everyone has been telling me I'm missing.
Hi David,

The real joy I have in practicing aikido is in my own personal discovery of how far the mind/body connection can be taken. Trying to teach what I have learned from my teacher, to others, is where I have really gained the most insight and therefore the most progress in my understanding of what I percieve 'aiki' skills to be. The body must be prepared to work in harmony with (but dutifully following) the mind. The mind thinks it, the body does it. I can do things now that I couldn't a while back. More of that later though...

Well...I'm afraid that it is in the US, anyway. As for learning through words, I did get a big boost when Dan once posted an exact how-to description for receiving a push to the chest. I was able to take that and get a friend to push on me and I could do it right away. But there's nothing like direct hands-on instruction.
Thats what I like about all this stuff, most of it can be conveyed fairly simply, in fact the more simply explained the better.. On this particular exercise, I can take a frontal push to the chest with uke taking a run up, redirect the push back, so that they bounce off my chest, I saw video footage of O Sensei and Shioda doing it, so tried it based on how I assumed it was done. Well, I can make it work with my students anyway. There is a possibility that they are just being kind to me, and I am deluding myself and in turn them, but why would we want to persue something so false. I don't see it as much of a big thing, just something that comes with co-ordination, something that will get done in a lesson, before moving on to another exercise.

From what I hear, you will know without a doubt whether you have really been pursuing what we're talking about here or if you were mistaken.

It sounds like you know, but meeting someone like Mike can open your eyes to a whole world you never dreamed of: it was right there in front of me, all along, hidden in plain sight, but it took me a long time to recognize it.
I'm looking forward to it, I am going with as an open a mind as I can muster, I hope that I am not mistaken, it is always a possibility though! I'm sure I will learn much, I am prepared to steal as much of Mike's art as I can get away with

Please let us know how that goes!
Of course,



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