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Re: Question about Aikikai kata and Yoshinkan bukiwaza

Hi Adam,

I'm guessing that you might be affiliated with the AWA now. Again in our dojo we have the two bokken kata, remarkably called Bokken Kata 1 and Bokken Kata 2 - amazing nomenclature. BK1 is essentially a happo giri kata. As for the saburi, we simply call them by the basic strike, shomenuchi and so forth. We perform three in shomenuchi, four in yokomenuchi (including one gyaku yokomenuchi) and two in munetsuki. We also do Bokken Tai Sabaki and those numbers seem to equate to what you mentioned with Shomenuchi 1-4, Yokomenuchi 1-6, etc. Overall it sounds like you would be at home with us.

Normally in weapons classes, we will warm-up with saburi practice and then do weapons techniques or kata, depending on who is there on the mat. We might do bokken dori, jo dori, jo nage, kumi tachi, kumi jo, or straight kata work in any given class. Usually tanto dori is done in regular classes. All of these are required at various levels for grading. As I recall, kumi tachi and kumi jo are sandan requirements for example. Every student attending a weapons class will work on what is being taught, regardless of rank. So a 6th kyu might be doing kumi tachi with and alongside a sandan candidate.

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