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Re: What is "IT"?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You can't fake it or "talk" your way around it, so those who hope to do the typical budo meet and greet, "You show me some things -and I of course must be capable of showing YOU something we can "share" just falls apart.
I know I didn't have anything to "share" when I met you or when I met Ark. It's like going to lunch with Warren Buffet and offering to pay, but he only wants to eat at the place with $500.00 hamburgers. I just couldn't keep up. And, frankly, I haven't often been in that position with aikido. Both meetings were way over my head but both were also at the top of my rewarding experiences in martial arts.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Fro some on the net they simply cannot fathom the type of offset being reported so matter of factly- so the best defense is to make "comparisons" a negative image.
It gives me a better understanding of why a lot of high-level people don't say anything at all. On the other hand, through arguing these things out, sometimes from a very stubborn point of view, I have learned a lot.

I just wish I had been able to meet up much earlier and cut through all those months of arguing because I would be a big jump ahead by now if I had.

Still, I've made some progress in IS and I've also made some great new friends (with whom I used to argue rather bitterly), so I have a pretty optimisitic view over all.

I'll e-mail you soon about matters.



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