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The title of the thread is "What is IT?" not "Whose is the baddest whupass mojo thingy ?" or some other sixth appendage length stretching sessions.
That's at least twice recently that you've mentioned that. You are the only one bringing that concept to the discussion, so if you want it out of the discussion, you should stop introducing it.
Good luck with that.
Hi Dave
I have seen this reference before. It typically refers to the fact that this stuff is so flat; a pass/ fail, you can or you cannot, paradigm.
You can't fake it or "talk" your way around it, so those who hope to do the typical budo meet and greet, "You show me some things -and I of course must be capable of showing YOU something we can "share" just falls apart.

That, is very difficult for people to swallow or even imagine. Even worse when you see it done in one room with people from ICMA, Koryu, Aikido, Daito ryu, Karate, and MMA. For the most part things, like this have not been done before. In the Budo scheme of things it's tough to deal with such an overt power differential. Since the power differential is so offset and can be flatly discussed as such-the internet response is the adolescent dick measuring contest euphemisms applied to a very "non" contested reality-in order to down play a very real impact.
Fro some on the net they simply cannot fathom the type of offset being reported so matter of factly- so the best defense is to make "comparisons" a negative image.


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