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The recent "defense against a jab" thread got me thinking about something that I have seen posted on various forums through the years. This is, what would an Aikidoka do against someone well trained in boxing, jujutsu, kung-fu, etc etc etc. while it's always interesting to read these threads, just to see others opinions on the given situation, I've always been bothered by them. mainly because, using the recent boxing thread as an example, how many of us are actually going to encounter a trained boxer who is set and squared off and ready to box? How often are we going to be at a bar (where a good many fights get started these days) and bump into a drunk who happens to be 10 years into wing chun? Even in these situations, you aren't going to see the trained stylist fighting under controlled circumstances. What situation can you envision yourself having to face off with someone who might happen to be well trained in another art where it's more than a quick push and a few punches thrown? How many bar fights are going to have a trained boxer circling you throwing lead jabs, measuring you so he can knock your block off? I admit, there are rare situations where it might happen, but rare is the key word here, very rare. We don't live in an age of dojo vs dojo battles anymore.
Having been in some pretty seady clubs and bars in my short years, I've seen my share of fights and they have never been two guys squaring off throwing punches. It's fast and dirty and over pretty quickly. Even on the street, how often are we going to be walking to our car, hear a sound in the bushes and turn around to see some guy in a kung-fu fighting stance saying "gimmie your car keys man!!" Unless you are going into a dojo, challenging their art OR climbing in the ring at a local tough man competition or karate tourney OR starting a fight with someone, who, unfortuantly for you happens to be trained in some other art, how aften would we really evern encounter someone well trained in another art who wants to fight?

What are your opinions on these threads and on finding yourself in a situation where you are face to face battleing another well trained martial artist? Thanks.
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