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Re: What is "IT"?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I've said what I've been told -- same as you, only I have it first hand, and he has no support.
I'm getting behind-the-scenes feedback on this matter and there's more to it than has been said on the board...but none of it supports you.

The other thing is where are all the people who have felt you do what Ark does?

If you can do that kind of thing, people will definitely be talking about you in a strong positive context.

I don't see any of that.

It feels like I've built a big pile of dirt in my back yard and I'm telling everyone it is the equal of Fuji. Should it affect my thinking that everyone who sees my dirt pile tells me it's nothing like Fuji?

Of course, I haven't seen your alternate Fuji, but from everything you've said about it, it just adds up to "nothing like Fuji".

Well, bandwith is (relatively) free. Waste it all you want. But may I suggest that you take it elsewhere? Certainly, what you're describing has no relation to what we're talking about in this thread. Maybe you should just create an alternate thread....

Best wishes.


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