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Question about Aikikai kata and Yoshinkan bukiwaza

Fellow aikidoka, two quick questions;

Students of Aikikai
-I know the answer for the aikiakai branch of my organization my organization, but do other groups have a particular name for the two common jo kata (we call them jo kata 1 and jo kata 2). These are the kata where:
Jo kata 1 involves a rearward checkt high thrust on step 13 (depending on how you count) and maybe step 17 (katahizatsuki, (one knee) down rear thrust).
Jo kata 2 involves the spinning 'room clearing' strike toward the end.

Students of Yoshinkan
-How much do you train in bukiwaza? The Yoshinkan side of my group trains heavily in weapons. In fact (not counting iaido) we have a separate class called Aikibuki which modifies bukiwaza to Yoshinkan stances and basic training principles (shu chu ryoku, shi sei o tada shitei, kamae/hitomei stances, etc). Just wondering if this is practiced with other Yoshinkan groups?

Thanks all for satisfying my curiosity.

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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