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Re: Defence against a Jab

[quote]Paul wrote:
[b]I know this may put some noses out of place, however, how many people who have answered this thread box or have boxed? The reason I ask is that some of the answers seem a little naive ( I box );

That's why I prefaced my comment. the situation differs greatly depending on the attackers skill. If it's a trained boxer it's going to be a completely different situation than some joe on the street throwing a jab. The guy on the street wants to take you out with that jab. That's his weapon. The boxer, as you said, does not. He wants to feel you out with that lead jab and cross with the other hand. But then again, that's a boxer in the ring. A boxer on the street is going to have a different mindset than in the ring. He may feel that a few jabs to the nose are all he needs. I certainly hope none of us are squared off in the ring with a boxer, testing our aikido.

This brings to mind another question that I intend to post in another thread, I hope you all will offer your opinions.
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