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Talking Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

Just finished reading the book for the third time. A highly impressive effort, maybe not academic scholarship, but probably because of this a better book.

Clearly also not aikido/daito ryu or internal strength for dummies, but a thought provoking work tying together many loose ends.

I think a must be read for the serious aikido/daito ryu student.

At the end I have one question left for Mr Amdur. (Prof Goldsbury)

The text refers to O-sensei stating he had some kuki-ryu scrolls, In the book secret teaching is I think a reference to a katori shinto scroll.
In the film founder of aikido there is a scene where Saito sensei attacks O-sensei where he is reading while I remember seeing some photos of O-sensei's impressive library in Iwama.

Could there be influences from written sources somewhere.
Nothing is known as far as I know about O-sensei's library, some years ago before the separation of Saito Hitohiro sensei from the aikika there was a suggestion to catalogue this library. Maybe an interesting retirement project for Goldsbury sensei.

Usually what a man reads, says a lot about his personality.
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