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Hi Buck.

If you had true internal power, you wouldn't be reacting to Dan Harden's posts.

I don't think me having IP or not is the issue. I don't proclaim any great power over others, or knowledge others don't have, or knowledge that will improve other martial art. Honestly, I don't know if what Dan has, would make any difference to me or not, as I think he is just taking a different angle, method of teaching, different approach to the same universal IP principles that has been understood by thousands of martial arts over hundreds of years.

We can all agree that IP, stems generally from the Chinese arts. That is what ever anyone discovers as IP, if it is legitimately effective (not taught by the B.S. artists), can marked in the Chinese arts. That is these principles can be applied differently and have different application. Our thing as Aikidoka is to apply IP in the way and manner as O'Sensei did to get the same results as he did, hence the term Aikido.

What I find interesting is Dan says he has IP either not taught or missing in Aikido. I personally think what might apply over the other is the latter. I don't think any thing is missing in Aikido when it comes to IP. What might be possible is not all of Aikido's IP are not taught, or not everyone is exposed, discovered, or taught IP, and hence is some Aikido it is lost. The other thing to is because of Aikido's spiritual side certain Aikido IP are not practiced in such a way to fully maximize IP, and as a result are curb or not observed. All this varies from Aikido style to Aikido style. But I feel O'Sensei's Aikido and his practice was complete and he made an effort to design IP to function within his philosophy.

Do I have IP, yes, everyone does. But, can I apply it the way and in the manner O'Sensei, and that is the challenge, isn't. And being Japanese, I do think O'Sensei as in tradition set the challenge he met to be like climbing Mount Everest on your own. And all most impossible challenge that if achieved set you among the immortals, or at least up their in the company of the greats who did the seemingly impossible. Are you up for that challenge?

If that challenge is too tough for some, if that challenge doesn't seem to be what you / a person wants, then fine. Not criticisms from me. But, I think it is unfair to say essentially my thing is better than yours, and other harsh criticisms I read. But what can you do?

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