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Re: What is "IT"?

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If you had true internal power, you wouldn't be reacting to Dan's posts.
How do you know he has the right IP? How do you know if he has the most effective, most powerful, IP. Do you think he is the only one with IP, probably not. And how does that person measure up, i.e. is he the most effective, etc. If you only feel Dan than of course he is the only one to have it. If you feel others you don't feel have it and feel Dan again Dan has it. I think to make a good solid evaluation and to be fair you would have to experience most experts in IP, and not the ones only in Aikido. If you wanted to do it right, that is. That is the hard thing about all of this.

See it is my belief we all have IP, it isn't always used the same way or looks the same, or done in the same way. Not everyone has the same manifestations of IP. Or doe everyone develop it the same why.

Where is the benchmark of such a thing as IP that is so seemingly elusive in nature, shured in coded langauge and a unique physical experience, somehthing so subjective, and so widely diverse in application, definition, and identification? Who is qualified to set the benchmarks?

FYI Latorila , These questions are not intended to be answered.
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