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Re: What is "IT"?

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whether Angier and Ushiro sensei's are demonstrating IT or not (and why they think that....) Perhaps it's something that cannot be written or spoken about and must be felt....

While I won't presume to speak for Mr. Angier ... I have laid hands upon him on several occasions (FWIW) and can relay that Mr. Angier does repeatedly say "It's just physics" and sometimes "It's just simple physics" when waxing expositorially on the material he is demonstrating or instructing upon. Perhaps I have misunderstood or taken the comments out of context but Mr. Angier is fairly plain spoken in my estimation.

Whether it is I.S. or aiki or not I leave to others to comment. I, however, will continue to spend 'face time' with Mr. Angier as much as I'm able.


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