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Re: Aikido not where we'd like it pictured, sadly

Same yesterday in I thought the same.

I know the horror of earthquake from the big one in Turkey 1999...still having sometimes nightmares about it.

But then there is much to do in the construction sector, not to prevent earthquakes, but to prevent their disastrous consequences. In Turkey at that time, over 90 % of the collapsing buildings were cheap constructions of the nineties, and especially lots of government buildings because the government is (or was?) forced to give the tender to the lowest bidder, so the temptation to recover some benefits from material and manpower economies is high. Similar things were observed for China (that's why schools were hit especially hard), and I fear it might be the same also for Indonesia.

I wish all the best to the Indonesian aikidoka here and hope sincerely you and your families weren't affected!

Best regards,

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