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Re: What is "IT"?

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Stan, I am not questioning Dan's ability or making assessments, or critiques as Dan did in the post I quoted him. Dan's view point is his own. Just as mine is for me. I agree and disagree with him and said why. So your right I haven't trained with him, and thus, I don' t make criticisms of his skills, what he does and all that. I am not an expert in all things to do so. I can only give you is an evaluation of what I would think of the experience and my personal opinion of "internal power, and IT. Now moreover, I disagree or agree with at times is his statements, his opinions, his viewpoints and perspectives. One thing too, is I feel is he is too strong and insulting, at times, in his posts toward Aikido. But....whatcha going to do?
If you had true internal power, you wouldn't be reacting to Dan's posts.
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