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All due respect, you are wrong Mr. Burgess.
This topic has never once been successfully argued or disputed - in person- by any aikido teacher I have ever met. Why, because they have nothing to offer in a physical debate against "IT." I.T. is so startling and so obvious in person that it is inescapable and absolute; upon meeting, without fail, all debate-ENDS. It isn't a "conversation" -no matter how it may first appear or how you perceive it on the web.
You will only continue to think so until you meet a man who knows his business and engages you. I'm not much into ki tricks-though I can do them, or wrist grabs and waza which I spades. In person, I choose to either spar, or fight- if there is any doubt as to just who has IT and can actually do aiki. Why? "IT" has a marked tendency to unplug people's ears and then a real conversation and partnership can unfold.

It is worth noting that the teachers in your art that I have trained with are so convinced of IT-that they will never go back to doing Aikido™ ever again. They simply do not want to. Why, because "IT"- makes the aiki in Aikido™ work. IT is the aiki that the Japanese either did not know or cannot or will not teach. As I stated earlier, personally I don't give a damn about the Japanese anymore. I wrote them off. We are going to put it back in the aiki arts and let them deal with us later when they can't do anything to us.
For now, it is clear enough that an ever growing number of Aikido teachers are finally training aiki and they now want to do (the way of aiki) and have all but turned their backs on Aikido™ as we know it.

In light of that, why would I want to continue to debate it with you or anyone else here- when your own shihans and other senior teachers are making the shift- every time they feel it? What I read here is those who have absolutely nothing to offer in the debate. So for me, it becomes a game of trying to be polite and avoiding being so direct that is painful. But in the end it is what it is. In other words; you can't do it -therefore your opinion of I.T. is all but meaningless to those in Aikido who have gone out and met those with IT.

Remember this post and your opinions today, because Aikido™ is never going to go back to the way it was. Not ever. It is going to be replaced with Anyone who doesn't choose to train aiki is making themselves dinosaurs. In the future no one will mistake them for competent aikiodists.
And an ever increasing number of -you- consider that a good thing….one by one by one.
Dan, one is wrong, it's just a matter of differing opinions, and perspective.

You say Aikido fails and I say, no, the person does. I feel there where deshi of O'Sensei who had great skill, and your criticisms of Aikido don't apply. I say the skill sets are there, the principles are there, the internal power (to borrow a term you use) is there all with in Aikido.

And it isn't up to me to judge whether a Shihan (now or later in their lives) measures up to your criticism or not. It's not my thing to do that.

It is a matter of what we want and where we want to go, and who we want to follow, and who we want to follow us.
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