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Re: What is "IT"?

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
The point is he knows how guys with internal skill feel like and feeling Erick, ...
FWIW, "your guy" is not backing you up in whatever you took his opinion to be. I won't drag him in, either, as we had a cordial training session and remain on good terms, and would love to have him back when he is down our way. We have a number of newbs and he was very good and patient with them in a smaller than usual class -- a quality I greatly respect. We did not get together to have the physical debate you want to have happened -- we all just -- trained...

Your enthusiasm is great. I truly hope it sees you through whatever training you are finding of value. I perceive there to be great value to be had in all three of the approaches mentioned -- I just do not find it as uniquely precious or revolutionary as some assume.

For which reason I think that specific criticism (Russ's videos? Anyone? ... Buehler? ... Buehler? ) would go much further to improve the level of discussion. I make no claims of relative comparison with anyone, I simply state what I can see and what I know to be true and useful. Which makes me more careful than some with my words -- not incompetent in my actions... As to relative power, testicular weight, IQ or whatever other measure of alpha dominance one might posit -- I concede without contest, or admission, -- because I am not fighting on that ground -- in fact, I am not fighting -- at all.

Wishing you good training ....


[Russ's videos -- really -- seriously, -- I mean it .... , I tell you three times....]

lest we forget:

Russ Qureshi wrote: View Post
Hey all,

Whaddya think? Perhaps someone with experience in IT can tell us why or why not these folks show it.....

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