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Re: What is "IT"?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
For your consideration:
To summarize:

1. They don't know.

2. They don't know.

3. They don't know.

4. They don't know.

5. They don't know.

Which says what exactly?

Point 1 is wrong. More effective methods are now acknowledged to be imitative and probabilistic, not using inertial parameters or predictive inertial models.

Point 2 is wrong -- FWIW, and gait transitions are period doubling dynamics and have to do with input energy and rhythm and have little to do with specific structure -- the same laws apply to a horse's dynamic rhythm as to a person's dynamic rhythm as apply to a dripping faucet. Reread what I have said about furitama IOW.

Point 3 is simply evidence that the human perception can easily detect even slight hedges in approximation from real animal motion (-- a survival thing, actually), and which I am saying makes honing one's own critical perception on valid mechanics more and not less important in understanding. It is less a matter of book larnin' and more a matter of critical perception and correct categories in which to place those perceptions. It's not diffy-q.


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