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p.s. I like Ericks attempts to describe the phenomena in such a scientific way, most of it goes right over my head, but he may well have a line on what is actually happening, even though knowing this information doesn't actually give you access to the 'how to' of the skills in question.
For your consideration:

1. Brightest minds in the robotics area in Japan are *not* using the human body as a basis to program their top of the line robots. They use a foundation of "what ifs" for their programming. In other words, even they don't know how to program/code/define what the human body does to replicate it in an artificial environment.

2. Brightest minds in the physics world can't define what happens in the human body between our walk-run cycle. In other words, they are clueless as to how to use their very profession, a profession they study in depth their whole life, to define something the human body does naturally, with ease, every day.

3. Even top level CGI studios aren't using human internal analysis to generate special effects. Gollum from Lord of the Rings movies wasn't driven by some computer generated program, but by motion capture devices.

4. All of these people are top level scientists in their field and they don't have a way to define internal human body interactions.

5. As has been noted from Mike, Rob, Dan, etc, there have been Ph.D. level scientists from various fields who *have* felt what these internal people are doing and these Ph.D.s don't have a clue how to define what's going on.
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