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Re: What is "IT"?

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I don't care that you care. I directed that comment to Erick, not to you.
Then perhaps a PM would have been more appropriate?

How skilled? Irrelevant. The person in question has crossed hands with Akuzawa Minoru, Mike Sigman, Toby Threadgill, and maybe Ushiro Kenji (I'm not sure about this one). The point is he knows how guys with internal skill feel like and feeling Erick, he came to the conclusions that Erick did not have what those other fellas had, which is known here in Aikiweb as 'internal skills'.
Damn, you got me there.
If crossing hands with a few people that have internal skill is not enough to know what's it about, there would be little point in trying to learn it, as it would have no observable effect on your opponent/training partner...

However, we can talk shop about internal skills if you like, not to 'show' you how much I know, but to help each other progress in this path.
Cool! I'll start a new thread as soon as I come up with a good subject.
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