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Re: What is "IT"?

couple of points that keep rattling around in my poor brain:
-it is 'fun' to have a 'villain'. look at all the talking points that have (over time) been focused at one/them. it's done a lot to keep things lively (at the very very least). Will it be missed when the 'scientific-objectioners or questioners' inevitably lose their motivation? Was there a purpose served by the 'madness'?
-IT will never ever be 'stolen'. It may be given freely, or shared..but it will not be wrested by any act of violence (logical, scholarly or otherwise)
-Surely those that can do IT well (i.e. at high levels of skill) have thought long and hard and specifically about what exactly (mechanically, muscularly, fascially, intentionally, etc) is going on. They will not be goaded into explaining it; or correcting a wrong explanation of it. That goes to the previous point. Shared or given away...but not to be stolen or tricked.
-I like what Hunter said: "A more productive discussion of what is it and what isn't would center around where we do see movement in uke/tori and where we don't, what it feels like etc rather than describing the mechanics." I'm a fan..but it does not happen all that often here on Aikiweb.
-Regarding the more productive discussion: it seems to me that those who certainly know and those who are working on it are less and less inclined, these days, to have that conversation. I wonder why ?
just some late night random thoughts.

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