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Re: What is "IT"?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
With that last part, let me return to your topic of videos and illustrating points. I've done so. 8 videos, all addressing some topic of "IT".
And you may notice, I have not commented upon them, critically or otherwise. I respect the fact that you are willing to show what you are working on going along -- and I leave it at that. For me the work has been to better categorize and try to physically define something that has greatly lacked that kind of definition, and I have been willing to show what I am working on going along -- and I leave it at that ...

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
... I have asked that you, with your abilities (and those of your teachers from which you have learned), to step up and help others by doing that which you, yourself, suggested. Unless of course that is something beyond what you ... want to ... do.
If somebody suddenly throws a short hook in my general vicinity, something interesting will almost certainly happen. I doubt that will be on video -- so anything else is more or less contrived for purposes of instruction -- so --- to continue our discussion on the useful purposes of video -- What would you want to see that I have defined or that you would question in my definitions ? As for my teachers, you would have to ask them. What I learned, I learned from training with them, from what they did, less than from what they intended to show. I am sure I missed a great deal of what they intended. Very often what I learned may not have been what they were teaching at the time. They certainly did not use my definitions in teaching me, which is not a point of even remote criticism, but a simple and quite happy fact. Heck, I don't even use them on the mat except in passing to better explain a point of structural or dynamic correction and why the condition I pointed to was incorrect, and why the correction works better. They are a different way of expressing just what the traditional terms do, but also serve as a good check against the more "airy" interpretations or attempted applications of those traditional terms, and the often ambiguous references that seem to creep in. But I find that they they very usefully inform my observations and my own depth of training to no end.


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