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Re: What is "IT"?

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Well-- the comment wasn't about me, was it?
We are, after all, contributors to a public thread. Whether we want to or not, by posting, we make the commentary about us ... in some manner.

Or, as some teachers/instructors/trainers like to say ... "Oh, you have a suggestion. Congratulations, you've just volunteered."

Or, by critical posts throughout the length and breadth of the topic of "IT", you have made the comments about you. Just as I have done the same.

Any old way you slice it, tag, you're it.

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I said the blanket statement assuming the evidence was unfair to many other people. I am not criticizing the performance of unnamed others on unspecified video -- so the moral burden in this respect does not fall on me.
Let me get this straight ... you criticize by using physics/math/etc on threads regarding "IT", but because you fail to criticize the performance of others on video, you're exempt from video, but yet can suggest that others use video?

And you're exempt from the same criteria that you are suggesting others use? For example, using your teacher's videos, you could do exactly that which you suggested. Contrasting it to other videos, you could "identify such a person" and give comparison or contrast. With your background and abilities, you could lead the way instead of pointing a finger at ... video ... and saying someone else should show.

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Regardless of what you might think of me were I to respond to your challenge, my complaint would stand unaffected. It is simply more helpful and more fair to those criticized (categorically, mind you) to make those comparisons overtly and specifically with examples rather than by generality and assumptions.

Hmmm. A video yaburi forum? But then, I don't like watching most sporting contests, either, so it has about the same appeal.

Great idea. First you point out a definition you challenge and tell us why it is wrong, and then maybe I will respond with some video illustrating the point ... if specifics are set against specifics, maybe we all learn a little.
Even trying to turn things around (I certainly didn't complain about video), there is no ground here upon which to stand. But, for the sake of ... well, just because ... let me address this issue.

Me: Certainly quite a bit of posts about "IT".
You: Certainly quite a bit of posts about "IT".

Experience with main "IT" participants.
Me: Rob John, Mike Sigman, Dan Harden
You: ???

Me: Youtube videos.
You: ???

With that last part, let me return to your topic of videos and illustrating points. I've done so. 8 videos, all addressing some topic of "IT".

And here in this thread of which you have decided to participate, I have asked that you, with your abilities (and those of your teachers from which you have learned), to step up and help others by doing that which you, yourself, suggested. Unless of course that is something beyond what you ... want to ... do.
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