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Re: What is "IT"?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I think that is an excellent idea for you to show. I think a lot of people would love to see you do a video where you correctly and critically compare and contrast specific examples.
Well-- the comment wasn't about me, was it? I said the blanket statement assuming the evidence was unfair to many other people. I am not criticizing the performance of unnamed others on unspecified video -- so the moral burden in this respect does not fall on me.

Regardless of what you might think of me were I to respond to your challenge, my complaint would stand unaffected. It is simply more helpful and more fair to those criticized (categorically, mind you) to make those comparisons overtly and specifically with examples rather than by generality and assumptions.

Hmmm. A video yaburi forum? But then, I don't like watching most sporting contests, either, so it has about the same appeal.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Since you have gone on record here at Aikiweb as defining "IT" quite often, I think it would be extremely helpful of you if you would show a video comparing and contrasting your usages of "IT". What an exemplary example you could set for all those out there.
Great idea. First you point out a definition you challenge and tell us why it is wrong, and then maybe I will respond with some video illustrating the point ... if specifics are set against specifics, maybe we all learn a little.

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