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All points of IHTBF properly acknowledged and set aside -- for purposes of these forums Jun has invited us to use linked video for illustration -- which has been noted in this discussion. But as a matter of plain fairness, when one asserts that this or that thing is not displayed in a given video of a unnamed person one ought to show such a video and identify such a person so that 1) they or those with knowledge of their practice have an opportunity to defend their practice (or the point demonstrated in that video), and 2) so that the error, if it may be shown thereby, can actually be avoided by others.

And more importantly, if the assertion is that IT (or lack of IT) may be seen in video, one ought to actually show that in video illustrating the points affirmatively by way of comparison with the videos of those criticized, to illustrate the points of contrast or comparison.

Blanket criticisms of nameless shihans on unidentified video without video of a correct comparison or an exemplary contrast are worse than pointless to those trying to understand what we might mean. Critical comparison or contrast of specific examples is education -- it teaches by "dissemination of information." Merely enticing enthusiasm or inciting derision without informing -- that is defined as "propaganda." Right or wrong as to its intended point -- it is not informative. A well-informed showing of error teaches vastly more than an uninformed (or uninforming) statement, however correct.
I think that is an excellent idea for you to show. I think a lot of people would love to see you do a video where you correctly and critically compare and contrast specific examples.

Since you have gone on record here at Aikiweb as defining "IT" quite often, I think it would be extremely helpful of you if you would show a video comparing and contrasting your usages of "IT". What an exemplary example you could set for all those out there.

Going further, I think that you should also include your teachers as examples because if you have "IT", then they must also, too. So, maybe you could get video of them to help all of us compare and contrast so that others can avoid errors.

What a brilliant post you provided us. When can we expect your videos?
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