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Re: Objecting to "Traditional Respect"

Hello Aikido List members,

Everyone and Takahashi Shihan, thank you for sharing deep thinking.

As the professional Kannushi (Shinto Priest) I spend a lot of time each day bowing…may I share some random thinking re: bowing…Here at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America we are working each day to prepare for next weeks 10/4/09 Shyu-Ki Taisai (Great Fall Ceremony). As part of the preparations we are making special Kaiun Shofuku Mamori (Open path and invite good fortune Amulets of new rice plants) to give to each family that attends the ceremony.

Seeing and working with such beautiful Inaho (rice ears/plants) brings to mind the proverb:

Minoru Hodo Koube wo Tareru Inaho Kana

As Inaho (rice plant) grows/ matures/ comes to fruition the head is going down…

Basically, with true greatness comes modesty. True greatness means gratitude to life giving forces.

Doesn’t it seem the really strong person, whose source of strength is deep is always very modest and connected to the Earth..when such a person bows you can feel something of their sincerity..

Ideta Sensei who was my budo teacher used to always say you could tell everything about a person from the way they bowed…not meaning only a full formal bow but even the Yu, small bow I think can shows everything about someone’s state of integration and centerdness.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Koichi Barrish
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