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Zen poems B4 training!

Everyone compose a poem that you think might be able to put you in the right frame of mind before practice.

I came to this realization when I was watching a Japanese video about the Daimyo and their paradoxical natures of both the pen and the sword. One should be able to appreciate art just as one should be able to appreciate a martial art (in this case...Aikido). I personally think that it is a good point because it brings a balance between action and contemplation, body and mind, beauty and courage that I think today are missing from many people's lives. Think about it.

I'll Start.

A lifetime of training....
One must go through to achieve
but to achieve in itself is shallow...
train yourself for the sake of training
and all of it will surely follow!

"Saki yakitachi o nukeba, masu masu masurao no kokoro wo togu bekari keri."
--"Before you draw the tempered blade, first temper and purify your own soul."--
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