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Deb Fisher
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In our dojo there is no beginners class - you have no other option as a beginner than to start fumbling your way through ikkyo and shihonage in the basics class. And at first most folks really suck at it and they all get better if they keep coming to class... even I got better eventually, even though I felt like a total spazz for a long time.

All the people you're training with had a first day, a first week... hell, a first year. Again, at my dojo I think most people look at a big handful of beginners to train with as a blessing. It's great that the dojo is growing and attracting new folks, it's great to see people fall in love with aikido, and working with a total beginner is a unique training challenge that doesn't come along every day.

I don't know from your dojo, but I think that dealing with the challenges of learning new things is as fantastic as it is hard. The partner you were working with may not have been as put out as you think, and if he was then he wasn't being very giving and didn't have the big picture in mind so don't worry about him.

Everybody's new sometime, cut yourself some slack and have fun!


Deb Fisher
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